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🌟 Embracing Play in Physical Therapy for Adults! 🌟

Updated: 1 day ago

Who says adults can't have fun during physical therapy? At Circle Creek Therapy, we believe in keeping the childlike spirit alive, regardless of age! Our incredible patients enjoy playful activities just like our kiddos do, making therapy sessions engaging and enjoyable for all. 🎈🤸‍♂️

From balloon tennis to Twister, these games have become powerful tools for our amazing physical therapist team. Embracing play in physical therapy brings joy and targets essential skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility, and cognitive processing—especially for our adults with neurological diagnoses.

Adult Patient playing Twister in Physical Therapy

Today, we had the privilege of witnessing an extraordinary moment as our adult stroke patient fearlessly took on the challenge of playing Twister against our skilled therapist, Kristen! 🎉💪 This heartwarming display of strength, determination, and progress reminds us of the transformative power of play and physical therapy in helping individuals regain their independence after a stroke.

Our patients and their loved ones are true inspirations to our Circle Creek Therapy Team. Together, we celebrate every step forward on their remarkable journeys to recovery. Keep shining, keep playing, and keep inspiring!

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