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Straight From the Heart: Jessica Hefner

Updated: Apr 17

Jessica and her husband have 3 wonderful children. Marlee (11), Addie (6), and Max (4), are their kids, and they all attend Circle Creek Therapy for either speech, occupational, and or physical therapy.

The Hefners have been coming to Circle Creek for a couple of years now, and we adore all of them!

Jessica has been such a great mom through it all, and we couldn't wait to interview her! Read more about her experience at Circle Creek Therapy below.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about each of your kids?

"Marlee is tender and quiet."

"Addie is very energetic and spirited."

"Max is more of my thinker. He is like an old soul."

"All three are very creative and bright. They are all too smart for their age."

2. What are some of your favorite things about Marlee, Addie, and Max?

"My favorite thing about Marlee is how she sees and experiences the world. She is far more sensitive to her environment. She feels so much more. I think that is really beautiful. I think that is a really good reminder to appreciate everything around you."

"Addie can find fun in anything. She has the best sense of humor. Being in the middle of two kids who are on the spectrum, she can make it (situations) very light when it can be heavy."

"What I love and enjoy most about Max is that he is such a thinker. You can see the wheels turning all of the time. He is very bright."

3. What kinds of improvements have your kids made since coming to Circle Creek Therapy?

"Addison has progressed so much with her speech. Having apraxia, she has to work really hard. But now she is much more intelligible. Being here is such a community. There is so much power in saying "me too." That sense of community is so big for her, and for my other kids too. Everyone is on team Addie, Max and Marlee."

"Max is working so hard. His speech is progressing really well too. Max and Marlee always feel so empowered whenever they come here."

"I love how Marlee can just be herself. When Marlee started coming here, she had a hard time at school. But this year, she has had no hesitations, worries or concerns."

4. What are some good resources that you have found, that have really helped your kids?

"Making friends here (Circle Creek Therapy), or parents at therapy. I've found a lot of it through their school, therapy, and putting myself out there. We are all here for the same reason in the waiting room.

5. Do you have any advice for other parents out there who are going through a similar situation as you?

"Take everyday as it comes. Believe that it gets better."

"To be patient, and to forgive yourself."

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