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Straight From the Heart: Alix Baty

Updated: Apr 17

Alix Baty is an incredible mother to her 2 kids. Alix and her husband take their oldest boy, Ezekial, to Circle Creek Therapy for occupational and physical therapy. Ezekial attends therapy here because he has a sensory processing disorder, and some developmental delays.

We absolutely adore this family. It is an ongoing joke in our clinic that we wish that Ezekial needed speech therapy so that we could see him more!

We interviewed Alix all about her experience at Circle Creek Therapy, and you can read more about it below!

1. How would you describe Zeke to a complete stranger?

"Zeke is very kind. He is very funny - he has his own sense of humor. He is also very observant. He likes to check things out before going into it."

2. What are some of Zeke's favorite things to do?

"He just discovered video games. He really likes playing the lego video games. He also likes wrestling with daddy, that is a daily occurrence."

3. What has your experience been like at Circle Creek Therapy?

"Wonderful. We were actually supposed to go to Multi Care, but since there was a waitlist, the lady that I called asked if we had heard of Circle Creek Therapy. Circle Creek doesn't have a waitlist, so I jumped at the chance."

"At first he doesn't wanna come, but then he doesn't wanna leave when his sessions is over. But since we started coming here, I've seen a huge change in him. Even in the first couple weeks of us coming here, there has been less meltdowns at home."

4. Would you recommend Circle Creek Therapy to others? Why or why not?

"I highly recommend Circle Creek! Every single one of the therapists have been so helpful."

5. What advice would you give to other parents who are going through a similar situation as you?

"I would say to learn everything you can. I would do some research, and take the time to learn as much as much you can. It is definitely a learning process, but the more you learn, the easier it gets."

Looking for more information about our therapy services? Reach out to us at 253.237.3405. We would love to help.

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