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  • Casadie Morris

Speech Tips: "TH" Practice

Want a peek into what we may work on in a session with a patient? Today we will be focusing on the "TH" sound.

Here's a list of words containing the "TH" sound and ways you can work on them at home:

Words with "TH" Sound:

  1. Thumb

  2. Think

  3. Bath

  4. Tooth

  5. Earth

  6. Math

  7. Three

  8. Father

  9. Breath

  10. Weather

Ways to Practice at Home:

  1. Isolation Practice: Focus on producing the "TH" sound in isolation. Use a mirror to observe your tongue position. Practice making the sound by placing the tip of your tongue gently between your teeth.

  2. Word Repetition: Repeat each word containing the "TH" sound multiple times. Pay attention to the accuracy of the sound production.

  3. Sentence Practice: Create sentences using the words from the list. Say each sentence aloud, emphasizing the "TH" sound.

  4. Reading Practice: Read passages, stories, or articles aloud, specifically selecting those containing words with the "TH" sound. This helps reinforce correct pronunciation in context.

  5. Tongue Twisters: Practice "TH" tongue twisters to improve your articulation speed and accuracy. For example, a more complex one would be "They both, though, have thirty-three thick thimbles to thaw."

  6. Recording Practice: Record yourself saying the words and sentences containing the "TH" sound. Listen to the recordings to identify any errors or areas for improvement.

  7. Conversational Practice: Engage in conversations with family members or friends, intentionally incorporating words with the "TH" sound. This allows for natural practice in real-life situations.

  8. Online Resources: Explore online speech therapy resources or apps that offer exercises and activities specifically targeting the "TH" sound. These can provide additional practice and guidance.

Consistent practice using these methods at home can help improve your ability to produce the "TH" sound accurately and confidently in various contexts.

If you have any questions about additional resources and practice tips, reach out to us!

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