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Is your 18th month old walking yet?

Updated: Apr 17

Little Miss Arwen was not crawling at 11 months old, but within 3 months of physical therapy she was crawling across the room. She was then discharged at 14 months. A couple weeks later she was coming in with her brother who receives services at CCT and was walking around the lobby. Although Arwen was not yet walking at the time of her discharge, she was released because she was within the gross motor milestones for her age.

In therapy sessions to entice her to crawl, toys were placed on the opposite end of the mat from where she was. Once we were able to get her moving, mama and some chairs helped to get her standing on her feet. At home you can utilize household items such as turning over a laundry basket, a chair that is sturdy and about the height of your child or the side of the couch to coax your baby to attempt to stand.

Check out our facebook post for more information about when your baby should be walking.

Below are some gross motor milestones a typical baby has within the first 18 months:

0-3 months:

Lifts head 45-90 degrees off a surface when upright/on tummy

Props up on forearms when on tummy

Brings hands together and to mouth

3-6 months:

Rolls both ways

Brings feet to mouth

Sit with support

6-9 months:

Begins to crawl

Pulls to stand

Sit independently

9-12 months:

Crawls over and around objects

Cruising along furniture

Squats to pick up an object while holding on

12-18 months:

Walks independently

Squats to pick up objects without support

Throws a ball

If your child is not exhibiting these milestones within their age range it may be time to reach out to a pediatrician, a physical therapist or both.

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