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The "Name Game" at Home Exercise

Updated: Apr 17

Are you tired of staying inside during this quarantine? Shake it up a bit and try this fun at home exercise!

Spell your name with the workout for each letter below! For example, the word "Strong" would include these exercises:

- S: 30 Second Sprint

- T: 10 Step Ups

- R: 10 Jump Squats

- O: 30 Second Plank

- N: 10 Lunges

- G: 10 Bicycles

If you have a long name, just do your exercise once. But if you have a short name, try doing your exercise 2 or 3 times so that you get more out of your workout.

Now, try it on your own and tell us what you think!


A. 20 Jumping Jacks

B. 15 Forward Lunges

C. 10 Pushups

D. 30 Second Wall Sit

E. 20 Mountain Climbers

F. 15 Squat with Side Leg Lift

G. 10 Bicycles

H. 20 Squat

I. 30 Second Superman Plank

J. 15 Crunches

K. 30 Second High Knees

L. 30 Second Bridges

M. 10 Sumo Squats

N. 10 Lunges

O. 30 Second Plank

P. 10 Plank Hip Dips

Q. 20 Flutter Kicks

R. 10 Jump Squats

S. 30 Second Sprint

T. 10 Step Ups

U. 20 Russian Twists

V. 20 Second Rest

W. 30 Second Running in Place

X. 15 Knee Pushups

Y. Lying Side Leg Lift

Z. 10 Second Rest


For more workout ideas, call us at 253.237.3405. Our physical therapists would love to help you achieve your exercise goals!

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