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  • Casadie Morris

Fun with Play-Doh!

Updated: Apr 17

Shout out to Play-Doh! We LOVE Play-Doh here at Circle Creek Therapy.


Exploring creativity, encouraging imagination, providing kids with a sensory outlet - no wonder it is hands down one of our all-time favorite therapy materials. The best part? You can easily use it at home, too. Play-Doh is so versatile - we use it in therapy to target language, social skills, articulation, and fluency with our preschoolers and school-age children.


Some ideas:

-Squash Play-Doh with items that make fun imprints for each target sound (think: dino feet, fork)

-Work phonology goals into your activity (working on final sounds is a good one with words like cut, pat, push, tap, red, etc.)

-Model simple language for preschoolers while you play (“blue fish,” “squish ball,” “cut, cut, cut,” “roll, roll roll”)

-Make a pretend pizza and add fun toppings (talk about veggies, parts of the pizza)


-Use balls of Play-Doh to represent multi-syllabic words, squish each ball while saying the word

-Build fall vocabulary by making pumpkins, spiders, little marshmallows roasting on a stick, etc.

-Target sequencing and following directions

-Encourage your child to answer “wh” questions - “Where do snakes live? What do they eat?”

-Target fluency with bumpy and smooth Play-Doh lines

-Shape letters to build early literacy skills

-Find Play-Doh mats to print out online to use while you play


Make Play-Doh part of your home-programming! It’s a budget friendly item, relatively easy to clean-up, and kids love it.


Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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