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Straight From the Heart Interview Series: Carrie Moore

Updated: Apr 17

Carrie Moore is an exceptional mother to her 2 daughters, Olivia and Kaylee. Carrie and her husband bring both of their girls to Circle Creek Therapy for occupational and speech therapy.

Carrie has been bringing her girls to Circle Creek for a few years now, and we have really enjoyed working with the Moore family. We asked Carrie some questions about her experience at Circle Creek Therapy, and you can read more about it below!


1. How would you describe Olivia and Kaylee? How are they similar or different?

"They are both very smart, energetic, clever, and caring.

"They are different in that Olivia is very competitive and more introverted. Kaylee is not either of those because she is very outgoing."

2. What has your experience been like at Circle Creek Therapy?

"We love it here. We've been coming since right after Noah (Courtni's son) was born. Olivia has loved it here. She was the one who started here, and then Kaylee came after."

"Everyone is always super nice. We've never had a bad experience. We've never had someone that we didn't like. Both of my girls are getting the best services. They are thriving. They (the therapists) are always willing to work on anything that I bring up, like helping Kaylee tie her shoes."

3. What are some of Olivia skills that she is working on?

"Olivia works on phonological awareness, and auditory processing, She plays games, and she thinks that she is just having fun, but she is actually learning new skills. In occupational therapy she works on emotional regulation."

4. What are some skills that Kaylee works on during occupational therapy?

"Kaylee works on fine motor skills and body awareness."

5. Have you seen any improvement from your girls? If so, how?

"Definitely. Olivia has improved with her speech stuff. At the beginning, she was working on delays, and she made many steady increases on improving. The phonological stuff is coming along. But the auditory processing is still a challenge, but I think that will always be something that she struggles with."

"I also noticed that Olivia's spelling test grades immediately improved after Courtni started to help her. Courtni offered us an app to help with spelling, and that did wonders for Olivia."

"Kaylee is much more willing to do new things. Like tying her shoes, or drawing. They have definitely love coming here."

6. Would you recommend Circle Creek Therapy to others?

"Absolutely. In fact, I do!"

If you're interested in speech or occupational therapy for you or your child, please call us at 253.237.3405 to set up a consultation visit. We would love to meet with you.

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