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Strategies for Visual Spatial Relations

Updated: 2 days ago

Unlike our last post that centered around activities that you could do with those who have difficulty with Visual Spatial Relations, here are some tips that the therapist, parent, or teacher can use while doing an activity!

Have Fun! :)

  • use graph paper because it can help with spacing of letters or math problems

  • papers with raised lines can help with finding the space of letters or margins.

  • visual cues of colored lines on margins or a sticker can be used.

  • you can use a “glue” raised line on the margins of a cutting task to help them “feel” where to cut.

  • Use visual cues (e.g., colored dot) to indicate place on a map or chart, or puzzle pieces.

  • Draw directional arrows to help with directions or placement (e.g., for letter formation).

  • Wear something on one arm to indicate direction (e.g., watch on left arm to indicate left direction).

  • Allow oral arithmetic.

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