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What I Wish More People Knew About My Job

Updated: 2 days ago


I do a little bit of everything around the office, depending on what time of the year it is, and what my schedule permits. My job is multifaceted, & I wouldn't have it any other way!

Since I get to do so many things, I get to know everyone in the office, (i.e. the staff & patients)! I want to become a speech therapist myself, and after talking & meeting with other people, I feel more inspired/excited to one day be working alongside them! Since I'm not there yet, I can help the many different therapists, and learn as much as I can in the process.

Right now, the main focus of my job entails coordinating & writing all of the posts across all of Circle Creek Therapy's social media platforms. I have written posts about stuttering, health, my coworkers, & so much more! My boss, Courtni, lets me be creative, and come up with most of the content. I also get other ideas for posts from my other coworkers, & I will usually edit their work for them. Being in charge of everything regarding social media works great for me because I can work remotely. I am a full-time student at the University of Washington in Seattle, so even if I can't come in, I can still be working on my computer!

Another really exciting part of my job is planning the different summer groups that Circle Creek runs. Last summer was the first summer for groups that targeted social skills & articulation. Since it was our first time, we had to figure out what worked & what didn't. I ended up planning all of our weekly sessions. This included prepping crafts, decorating our gym, and making fun & educational games for our kiddos. Besides planning, I was able to assist the speech therapist! Together, we helped our kids reach their different speech & behavior goals. I can't wait for this year's summer groups to start! :)

Other small things that are included in my job are cleaning up the office, covering the front desk if the receptionists are busy, watching Noah (Courtni's son) if he is in the office, planning some of Courtni's lessons, & occasionally helping make our crafts for the week!

Out of everything that I do, my favorite part of my job is giving the therapists an extra hand in the sessions. If I have time, I love to meet our clients, and assist the speech/physical/occupational therapist in making the session go a little smoother.

Like I said before, I love my job! I am so lucky to work with such kind and smart women. If you're still wondering if you should give Circle Creek Therapy a call for your speech, occupational, or physical therapy needs, don't hesitate! Our number is 253.237.3405, you won't regret it! :)

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