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"Straight From The Heart" Interview Series: Doniella Adame

Updated: Apr 17

Doniella Adame is a hard working, and loving mother to her son, Noah. Doniella and her husband bring Noah into Circle Creek Therapy for Speech & Occupational Therapy because Noah has a language delay.

We admire Doniella for her determination & great attitude, so we knew that her interview would be a great addition to the "Straight From the Heart Interview" Series. Enjoy!

What are your favorite things about Noah?

“I love how the little things make him happy, like puzzles or tiny animals. “

In three words, how would you describe Noah?

"He is wild (for sure), goofy, and smart.”

What’s it like raising a child with a language delay?

“It’s hard and emotional. But, it makes me appreciate him more because when he does talk, it means a lot. It always makes my day.”

What does your normal day to day look like with Noah?

“I get him ready in the morning, then he goes to daycare. Then, twice a week he comes to Circle Creek Therapy for Speech and Occupational Therapy. Once we get home, I give him a bath, and then we eat dinner as a family. We play games, solve puzzles, and read together because I try to wind him down from the day.”

How has your life changed since you have been coming to Circle Creek Therapy?

“I love it here. It’s also nice to know how much Noah loves it here. I’ve been really thankful for coming here when we did because it has helped Noah a lot; he has made a lot of good progress.”

What is something that you wish that you knew before coming to CCT?

“When we started coming here, I found more resources. Circle Creek, and the other moms that sit in the lobby with me, have helped me out. But before coming here, we didn’t have a lot of resources."

If you could give other parents advice, what would you tell them?

“I would tell them to get all of the help that you can.”

“Be patient. I am not a very patient person, but with raising Noah, I have learned a lot about what it means to be patient, and I would tell others to be patient too.”

If you're concerned that your child might have a language delay, feel free to call us at 253.237.3405, so that we can answer your questions! :)

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