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Straight From the Heart: Vanessa

Updated: 1 day ago

Kevin wants you to know he has some amazing news! He has graduated from Physical Therapy! His mommy, Vanessa, gave us the highest praise by letting us play and work with her little man, but she also said some nice things about us too!

"The experience that my son and I had at Circle Creek Therapy was above and beyond wonderful! The environment is very welcoming, friendly, and supportive. The progress my son made was phenomenal! He went from focusing on turning his head from one side to using both sides gradually and confidently! The flat spot he had on the back of his head slowly but surely started to round out. What motivated me to seek treatment for my son was the potential problems if left untreated this would cause him. If anyone is going through a similar situation with their infant you are not alone. I encourage you to go to Circle Creek Therapy because you won't regret it. I am forever thankful for the sessions, kindness, effort, and treatment that Circle Creek provided to my son."

If your little one has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly or torticollis or needs therapy for any other

reason, please call Circle Creek Therapy at 253-237-3405!

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