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Autism Diagnosis & its impact

Updated: Apr 23

Have you met Rachael yet?

If you haven't, she is our Patient Advocate here at Circle Creek Therapy.

Her son was once a patient here. She knows both sides of the coin and will fight relentlessly for others because she knows what it feels like.

Rachael's son Seeley has received the following diagnoses.

  • Age Two: Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Age Three: Autism Sprectrum Disorder

  • Age Five: Auditory Processing Disorder

What was the process of pursuing a diagnosis like?

"Brutal. I would go to countless doctors who would say "He isn't autistic, he is holding eye contact", not realizing he is masking! I knew what was typical because he was my second child. I felt defeated not being trusted and believed. Finally, I got into a doctor who performed an assessment on Seeley. For a bit Seeley seemed Neurotypical until enough time passed for his stims to surface. We were given the diagnosis and it felt like a huge relief even with all that comes with it."

What were the biggest signs of Autism that you noticed in Seeley?

Alot but a few included;

  • Repetitive behaviors/ Preferred routine

  • Behind on milestones

  • Lack of continual eye contact

  • No sense of danger

What did the Diagnosis mean to you and your family?

Resources! Although we were nervous navigating this ,we would have help. People have mixed feelings on ABA Therapy but it changed our lives. Seeley was going to the ABA center and they were also coming in the home. They helped him develop life skills and structure in routine by having a timer and using visual reminders. Plus so much more!

What would suggest to parents who suspect their child may have Autism?

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Write down yours and your child's experience. Having specific examples to show will help you feel heard and empowered.

Focus on what matters to/interests THEM. Not you. Focus on their interests and invest in those. That will bring them the most fulfillment.

What are some surprising things about Seeley?

  • He LOVES seafood!

  • He is great at trying new foods

  • He is in lacrosse and LOVES IT!

  • He loves sports and numbers What are some of the most important resources you found as a parent? Here are a few of the favorites;

  • Birth To Three-An early intervention special education program that provides services and supports to help children and their families. There is one located in Federal Way!

  • ABA

  • Circle Creek Therapy! (As pictured he received Speech here!)

Want to learn more about the services we provide at Circle Creek Therapy? Give us a call at 253-237-3405 for more information!

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