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Why is National Stuttering Awareness Week so Important?

I grew up being quiet more often than speaking up because the best way to avoid stuttering is to not talk at all.

Speaking has always been something that I have been super aware of. I grew up avoiding the words that I knew I would stutter on so that I wouldn't make others feel uncomfortable. I wanted to blend in like everyone else.

In order to fit in, my normal way of life became suppressing what I wanted to say, and avoiding speaking situations at all costs.

As a freshman in college, I grew tired of this fear-based lifestyle. One day I googled "speech therapy near me", and I found Circle Creek Therapy. From there on out, I was determined to not let my stutter control my life any longer. Thanks to my speech therapists, I steadily became more open and honest about my stutter.

I have embraced the idea that I do have a voice, and my voice is worth listening to (even if I comes out bumpy at times). I am working on speaking up more, but it will be something that I will deal with for a long time, and that is okay.

For those who stutter, the second week of May is a significant one because instead of hiding our stutter, we are embracing it. A few years ago, I would have never posted anything that would have brought attention to my stutter ... but look at me now!

We are coming together with thousands of other people who stutter to say, "This stutter that used to hold me back and embarrass me, is something that I am now PROUD of... (or at least I am working on it)."

Happy National Stuttering Awareness Week to all of those amazing people who stutter! We hope that you feel celebrated, and proud of how you communicate this week.


For more information on our therapy services, call us at 253.237.3405. Or email us at We would love to help.

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