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Creative Therapy Tools: Pig Tales

Updated: Apr 17

Pig Tales is a wonderful game for adults and children alike, or anyone who likes a good story!

This is a new game that we found during a WHO Convention! We met with the creator of the game, and we decided that we had to have it for the clinic.

As you go through the game, you have to draw a card, and then create a story using those cards for inspiration! As time goes on, the cards can build off of each other. The first person to reach the castle with the entire story in tact is the winner!

Our therapists like to play this game because it targets, memory, it helps with maintaining attention, and concentration.

Pig Tales builds on both expressive and receptive language as you laugh your way through silly stories!

We can also use this game for our patients who have a stutter because it gives our patients more opportunities to use their helpful speaking strategies!

Pig Tales has become one of our most favorite games here at the clinic! Hopefully you can try it out sometime too!

Looking for more ways to incorporate your child's goals with a game, please call us at 253.237.3405. All of our therapists are very helped and skilled. Plus, they are always willing to help!

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