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5 tips on how to kick-start the new school year

Updated: Apr 17

The school year is approaching fast... so don't be behind! Here are some helpful hints that can get you and your kids ready for the new school year!

school supplies

1. Have a dress rehearsal.

The start of the new school year means the start of a new routine for your kids. A week before school starts, pretend like you have to go to school that day with your kids.That way when the first day of school approaches, everyone (including you) will feel more prepared to take on their day.

2. Get all of your children's necessary school supplies.

By getting everything that they need, they will feel more confident on their first day of school.

3. Have your kids plan out their first day of school outfits the night before.

This way, there isn't any more unnecessary stress that your kids take on.

4. Make their favorite lunch so that they can look forward to it during lunchtime!

If your child is nervous or not excited for their first day of school, surprising them with their favorite lunch will brighten their day, and it might even change their mood.

5. Leave a thoughtful note in your child's backpack or lunchbox.

You can write something like, "I love you", "you will do amazing today", or "have a great first day!" Something small like this will surely bring a smile to their face. :)

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