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At Home Speech Therapy Tips

Updated: Apr 17

Practicing speech skills at home is important but it is not always easy to do. Read below to find out simple ways you can practice speech skills with your kiddo!

1. Choices: Offer choices during playtime to encourage language development.

2. Self-talk: Narrate your actions during activities to model language.

3. Parallel Talk: Describe what your child is doing to reinforce understanding.

4. Modeling: Model words or sounds you want them to practice.

5. Talk Slowly: Speak slowly to help them understand and repeat words.

6. Create a Treasure Hunt: Hide objects around the house and provide clues that your child needs to follow. Use descriptive language and encourage your child to ask questions to find the hidden treasures.

7.Create Art Together: Use art activities like drawing, painting, or sculpting to encourage language development. Talk about the colors, shapes, and textures of the materials, and encourage your child to describe their creations.

8. Build with Blocks or Lego: Use building blocks or Lego to create structures together. Encourage your child to talk about what they're building, describe the shapes and sizes of the blocks, and explain their design ideas.

9.Cook Together: Involve your child in simple cooking or baking activities and use language to discuss the ingredients, follow recipes, and talk about the cooking process. Cooking together can be a fun and educational way to promote language development.

10. Outdoor Adventures: Take language learning outdoors by going on nature walks, visiting the park, or exploring the backyard. Encourage your child to describe what they see, hear, smell, and touch, and use language to talk about their outdoor experiences.

By infusing speech and language activities with fun and creativity, you can make learning enjoyable for your child while promoting their communication skills and fostering a love for language. Remember to enjoy the process and celebrate progress! 🌟🗣️

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