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Straight From The Heart: Richard Nash

Richard and his wife have a sweet daughter named Camille. Camille has been attending Circle Creek Therapy for speech therapy, and she just graduated! She has made many improvements on her speech sounds.

We decided to interview Richard about his experience at Circle Creek Therapy, and about his daughter. Read more about Richard and Camille below.

Camille Nash

1. How would you describe Camille in 3 words?

"Silly, energetic, and determined."

2. What has your experience been like at Circle Creek Therapy?

"It's been really good all around. Everyone has been very friendly, and everyone has worked really well with her. Everyone has worked with her moods, (even if she is being grumpy), and they can power through it."

3. What kinds of improvements have you seen Camille make since attending speech therapy at Circle Creek?

"She has been more outgoing and confident since coming here. She is also more likely to approach new people and start a conversation."

4. Would you recommend Circle Creek Therapy to other families?

"Yes. We moved from Everett because we wanted her to go to school over here, and we thought that Circle Creek Therapy was a great fit for her. It was definitely worth the move."


If you are interested in speech therapy at Circle Creek Therapy, please give us a call at 253.237.3405. We would love to answer your questions or concerns.

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