Form Constancy

November 22, 2018


What is Form Constancy?


It is the ability to see a form & find it among other forms, even if it may be sized different or rotated. Visual form constancy reflects a child's ability to recognize forms, letters, or words regardless of their orientation. 


If your child struggles with this, you would notice that it would:


- make reading difficult as the child might not recognize familiar letters when presented in different fonts, sizes or colors.

- result in being slower to master the alphabet & numbers

- lead to difficulty recognizing errors

- cause confusion between "p, q, & g", "a & o", "b & d"

- make transitioning from printed to cursive letters difficult


 - result in assuming the size of objects regardless of their distance

- make it hard for your child to look at things from an angle

- make it difficult for your kid to understand volumetric concepts (mass, amount, & quantity)

-  make recognizing things that should be familiar when environmental conditions change more difficult 

- reflect attention & focus, which makes it difficult to complete schoolwork 


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