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Creative Therapy Tools: Wind-Up Toys

Since we are in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, we have been reevaluating which toys are easiest to disinfect, and which toys/games we can get the most use out of. While we were sorting through our toys, we found these awesome wind-up toys!

They are all unique, versatile, simple, and fun to play with. Fortunately for us, they are also super easy to clean.

Our speech therapists can use them to help break some kids out of their shell because who doesn't love wind-up toys?! Wind-up toys can also create opportunities for free-play and creativity. Speech therapists can also use the wind-up toys as a reward for whatever activity they are working on.

For some of our patients, they have a hard time using their fine motor skills, which is something that our occupational therapists know how to target. Therefore, our clients might have a difficult time turning the knob on the side of the wind-up toy to make it move. But if they are motivated to see the toy move, they might work hard to overcome this obstacle with the help from an occupational therapist.

Our physical therapists can use wind-up toys during any kind of physical activity. Our physical therapists might ask their client to imitate what the wind-up toy is doing to get them moving.

The main thing we love about wind-up toys is that they can make achieving goals super fun!

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