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Creative Therapy Tools: Puzzles

Our therapists at Circle Creek Therapy can incorporate puzzles into any kind of therapy session.

In speech therapy, our SLPs incorporate puzzles into their sessions because puzzles give our clients the opportunity to practice memorizing shapes, colors, or animals. Completing puzzles is also a functional skill that is important to know even if it is not a specific goal in speech therapy.

In occupational therapy, our OTs use puzzles more frequently than any of our other disciplines to work on skills such visual closure, figure ground, etc. By practicing how to finish puzzles in occupational therapy, our patients can adopt these skills in other areas of their life.

In physical therapy, our PTs can make our patients do a puzzle while performing any kind of physical activity. For example, our physical therapists might set up a puzzle and their patient has to finish it while standing on one foot. This way, our patients can work on their balance while doing a fun activity.

Additionally, our therapists can bring out puzzles during social skills groups.Our clients can work with others to finish the puzzle so that they can learn appropriate social skills. Or, we can possibly play with puzzles during sessions that include occupational AND speech therapy.

All in all, we use puzzles almost every day in our clinic because of their functionality and versatility. Plus, they are just plain fun!

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