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Creative Therapy Tools: Crafts

Updated: Apr 17

If you can name a craft, we have probably made it!

We love making crafts during any kind of therapy session! In fact, each week we have a designated craft. One of our volunteers, and another one of our co-workers, will work together to create and come up with enough craft pieces for all of our patients to make. By the way, they have to make up enough pieces for up to 50+ patients a week!

Although we all make the same craft for all of our kiddos, we can adjust it based on their needs. For example, if we have a child that is trying to improve on their following directions skills, then the therapist will allow them to create it while following one- and two-step directions with minimal cues.

With other children, our speech or occupational therapists can help them identify shapes or colors while they make crafts.

Our speech therapists also like to make crafts with kids that need help with pronouncing certain sounds. For instance, by saying a certain sound like "k" 5 times in a row, they can earn a piece of the craft that they are creating!

Even if it is a more hand over hand activity, it will still benefit the child.

All of our therapists are very creative. They can turn any craft into a meaningful activity that is not only fun, but educational.

Some our of favorite crafts that we have made include:

If you would like to learn more about how we can incorporate crafts into our sessions, please give us a call! Or if you would like to simply learn more about our therapy services, you can also call us at 253.237.3405.

We would love to hear from you!

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