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Why You Should Try Shopping At A Farmer's Market in WA

Updated: Apr 17

Farmer's Markets can make grocery shopping fun!

In Washington State, there are season long, or even year long farmer's markets that you can attend!

Some of the SEASON long farmer's markets include (Sundays; June - October; times may vary):

- Puyallup Farmer's Market

- Sumner Farmer's Market

- Auburn Farmer's Markets

But, don't forget about the YEAR long farmer's markets (Sundays; times may vary)!

- West Seattle Farmer's Market

- U District Farmer's Market


You should try shopping at your local farmer's market because ...

1. You can buy seasonly FRESH food straight from the farmers!

2. You can always bring your own bags, which is better for the environment!

3. Also, there isn't any unnecessary food packaging.

4. The food that you can buy is usually inexpensive!

5. It can be easy to buy food in bulk.

6. It can be an easy way to support local businesses!

7. It is easy to buy organic food!

If you decide to shop at a farmer's market, please send us a picture of your yummy finds! :)

Call Circle Creek Therapy at 253.237.3405 for more information!

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