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Creative Therapy Tools: Slime

Updated: Apr 17

Slime is used specifically in our occupational and speech therapy here Circle Creek.

Slime helps those kids who can’t focus. Sometimes we will allow the child to play with slime to keep their hands busy.

Or, slime helps children feel comfortable because they like the texture, or the feel of the slime.

Children who have difficulty working with others can make slime with our therapists, and it helps them learn important social skills, and how to follow directions.

Plus, have you ever met a child who doesn't like slime? Most children do, so it can be a great motivator.

While the occupational and speech therapist are targeting goals, the child believes that they are simply having fun. We have found that children work best while playing, and incorporating slime into our sessions has helped some children make great progress.

For more information about anyone of our disciplines, give us a call at 253.237.3405. We would love to help you.

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