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Creative Therapy Tools: Apples to Apples

Updated: Apr 17

Apples to Apples is another game that our therapists use frequently!

We use Apples to Apples with our adult, and teenage patients. We also have a Junior version that we use play with our younger kids. All around, it's a great tool!

Our speech therapists use this game to help our patients understand the difference between synonyms & antonyms, to learn new words, and then our patients can learn how to use their new sense of vocabulary in constructing sentences.

We can also use this game to help with social interaction. Since this game requires 3-4 people, and since you have to learn about the other person in order to win, it requires the patient to have good social skills.

Apples to Apples is great because it can make learning appropriate friend making skills fun! Try it out at home with your family or friends!

For more tips and tricks on how to incorporate helpful games at home, call us at 253.237.3405. Our therapists would love to help.

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