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Creative Therapy Tools: Blocks

Updated: Apr 17

Here at Circle Creek Therapy, we love toys! We see a multitude of kids so we like to utilize every toy that we can get our hands on!

One of the toys that is played with the most is our blocks. We can use blocks in all of our disciplines of therapy.

We can use blocks in therapy with any child. But, we like playing with blocks with a child who has autism because it gets their attention, and it also requires them to play with others. Our therapists can use the colorful blocks to help our kids learn colors as well. Or, playing with blocks can also be helpful in teaching children how to follow directions. If the therapist would like their client to build a tower, they can ask, "Can you put the blue square on top of the yellow rectangle?" By asking this questions, our therapists can target many goals while still having fun!

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