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4 Tips on how to keep your kids learning this summer

Updated: Apr 17

We all know that once summer comes around, the last thing that your kids want to do is read, practice math problems, or learn new things! Breaks are great, but so is keeping up on their learning skills!

Here are some helpful hints on how to keep expanding your child's minds this summer!

1. Try Half Price Book's or the Library's reading logs:

Most libraries in Washington, or book stores like Half Price Books have reading programs. If your child is under the age of 12, they can qualify to participate! By going to your local library or bookstore, you can grab a reading log form. If your child finishes logging a certain amount of reading hours by the end of the month, then they will receive a prize. What a great incentive for your child to read more this summer!

2. Make your own field trips

Taking your child to a local museum, like the Museum of Flight, or Mount Rainier, could be a memorable way for you and your kids to learn something new! Some places offer special deals for kids in the summer ... so be on the lookout!

3. Set a timer

If you notice that your child might struggle more in a certain subject than others, it might be a good idea to set some time aside in the summer to work on those skills. For example, if your kid doesn't have all of their multiplication tables memorized, then buy a quick a quick stack of them at a store like Fred Meyer. Tell your child to set a timer for 15 minutes. During that time, you will focus entirely on learning multiplication tables. Once the timer is up, they can go back to playing.

4. Join a Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great way to get your kids learning in a fun environment! We actually have some great camps that will be offered this summer. Camps that help improve on articulation skills, social skills, drama (acting) skills, and coordination skills! Even if you aren't interested in our selection of summer camps, there are many offered through the YMCA, local churches, or various sport organizations. Don't hesitate to give them a try!

If you are interested in attending one of Circle Creek Therapy's camps, please do not hesitate to call us at 253.237.3405. We would love for you or your child to participate!

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