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Creative Therapy Tools: "Massage Bugs"

Updated: Apr 17

"Massage bugs are something that every family should own," says our occupational therapist, Cindy Bonilla.

We use them in speech, occupational, and physical therapy here at Circle Creek! One way that we use these little bugs is to help with muscles aches because it allows our therapists target the areas that need to be massaged.

Another way that we use these massagers is to help children who are uncomfortable in jeans. Some of our patients do not like the way that jeans feel on their skin, so they will resort to taking them off or scratching their thighs and calves. By putting the bug massagers on them while they are wearing their jeans, they can start to feel more comfortable and the "scratching" sensation fades away.

The bug massagers also help children, who have sensory issues, feel calm. Sometimes our speech therapists will bring out the bug massager for clients who have autism or who are starting therapy for the first time. The therapists might put it on their patient's backs, arms, or legs. Over time, they start to relax. Once they feel less overly stimulated, they can focus and get to work with their new therapist!

If you have any questions about Circle Creek Therapy, please don't hesitate to call us at 253.237.3405! We would love to help you!

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