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Visual Discrimination Related Activities

Updated: 2 days ago

A couple of months ago, we touched on what visual discrimination is. Just as a reminder, visual discrimination is the ability to see differences between objects or symbols. Some examples include seeing differences in color, shape, size, and orientation of any type of object. Even though we briefly talked about this subject, we didn't dive deep into some real-life activities that you could do, or how our occupational therapists can help those who struggle with visual discrimination.

Below are some activities for you to try out that our occupational therapists have compiled! Have fun & get to learning!

Activities to do:

  • have them “grade” a paper that has letters formed incorrectly (size or shape) and circle them with a red pen. Only look for size errors first, then formation errors.

  • make flash cards with a correct letter on one side and an incorrectly formed letter on the other side. Have the child try to draw the letter correctly, then turn over the card to see if it is right. (Have them write in sand or with finger paint to make it more fun)

  • use a popsicle stick with marks on it to help the child figure out what is good sized space in his writing.

  • Use a green marker to make marks on the child’s writing sample to indicate good spaces, and a red marker to make lines for poor spacing. When child understands, let them “grade” their own paper.

  • have the child identify words or numbers spaced incorrectly on the lines (above or below), and circle the errors with red pen.

  • work on size by having them identify words with incorrect capitals inside them.

Curious to know more about what our occupational therapists do at Circle Creek Therapy? Give us a call at 253.237.3405!

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