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Dear Mother... Love, Your Speech-Language Pathologist

Updated: Apr 17

Dear Mother,

I don’t just see your child at speech therapy. I see you.

I see you. I see you smile wearily as you bring your child to yet another appointment. I see the love sparkle in your eye when you look at them; eyes full of concern, pride, and endless support. I see you on top of the world, and I see you on the days when the world is on your shoulders. Days when the last thing you need is to drive miles and miles for a short visit. And yet, I see you. Because you know what your child needs, and you put their needs above your own. I see you greet them once my time with them is over, and take the whole world back out the door with you. I see the days you go home and practice tirelessly, and the days when you see a breakthrough. I see you be too hard on yourself, apologizing for things out of your control or for time that flew by too quickly. I see you do countless things for your child and yet still think that you have somehow come up short.

You haven’t. I also see your child, who knows that no matter what challenges the world will throw at them, they have a safe haven in you. I see their eyes light up when it’s time to leave and “go find Mommy!” I see them bask in pride that radiates from your face, as they stand a little taller when they tell you what they accomplished that day. I see them hug you tightly when they had a horrible, no-good, very bad day. I see how much they love you, even if they cannot put it into words. I see you. And they see you.

Love, your Speech-Language Pathologist

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