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How To Use An Exercise Ball With Your Kids

In our the blog post “Core-Not Just a 6-pack," I talked about the importance of core strengthening for children and how it can improve their endurance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills. We gave a few examples of how to get your kids to actively participate.

Today, we are going to talk fun ways to use an exercise ball with your kids that will strengthen their core.

  1. Have your child sit on a small ball bouncing up and down. While bouncing on the ball, pretend to ride a horse or some other type of animal.

  2. Marching is similar to the above exercise. Have your child sit on the ball and practice marching. You can also have them kick a smaller ball while sitting on the exercise ball.

  3. Have your child lay on their stomach on the ball while playing a game, coloring, or doing a puzzle. In addition to this you can have them walk forward on their hands from this position to their hips.

  4. Carry the ball. Have your little one raise the ball above their head and carry to the couch or a sibling

  5. HAVE FUN!

If you would like to know more fun ways to exercise with your kids, give us a call at 253.237.3405! Our physical therapists would love to give you suggestions!

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