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Figure Ground

What is Figure Ground?

The ability to perceive a form and find it hidden in a conglomerated ground of matter.

Visual figure-ground refers to the ability to locate & identify shapes & objects embedded in a busy visual environment, or the ability to attend to one activity without being distracted by other surrounding stimuli.

Can cause problems with:

  • attending to a word on a printed page due to her/his ability to block out other words around it

  • filtering out visual distractions such as colorful bulletin boards or movement in the room in order to attend to the task at hand

  • sorting/organizing personal belongings

  • missing the "big picture"

  • overlooking details

  • missing important information (e.g., word recognition, locating one object within a group, finding place on the page or skips pages & sections, noticing punctuation)

  • copying from the board & omitting certain words

  • finding hidden pictures in activities

  • locating a friend on the playground

  • finding a specific item in a cluttered desk

If you find that you or your child is experiencing these difficulties, please give us a call at 253.237.3405. Our occupational therapists would love to assist you!

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