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Visual Memory

What is Visual Memory?

This reflects the child's ability to store visual details of what has been seen in the short-term memory. If details aren't stored, there will also be difficulty accurately recalling, and in some instances reproducing, all of the characteristics of a given item.

Can cause issues with:

- reproducing figures (letters, shapes, or symbols) from memory

- mixing lower & uppercase letters

- copying from a text or chalkboard (the child would tend to copy only letter or number from the board at a time).

- replicating info on worksheets & tests

- comprehending reading

- dialing a phone number

- remembering sight words

- transferring learned words from one medium to another

- remembering what was read

- reproducing figures from memory

- identifying familiar surroundings (their neighborhood, or school)

- successfully navigating one's way

If you find that your child struggles with some of these issues, please call us 253.237.3404. We would love to answer your questions or concerns!

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