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Sequential Memory

What is Sequential Memory?

It is the ability to remember a series of forms and find it among four other series of forms. Visual sequential memory reflects a child's ability to recall a series or sequence of forms.

But if someone struggles in this area, it can cause problems with:

  • sequencing letters or numbers in words or math problems

  • remembering the alphabet in sequence

  • copying from one place to another (from board to book, or from one side of the paper to another)

  • spelling

  • performing math equations

  • retrieving words with reversals, or when out of order

  • remembering orders of events after reading (affects reading comprehension)

  • forgetting assignments, or steps that are shown in an activity

If you are noticing that your child is experiencing similar struggles, please call us (253) 237-3405 to schedule a discovery visit. We would love to help you and your child!

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