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Visual Spatial Relations

What is Visual Spatial Relations?

This is the ability to determine that one form or part of a form is turned in a different direction than the others.

Can cause problems with:

  • planning actions in relation to objects around him/her

  • spatial concepts such as "in, out, on, under, next to, up down, in front of"

  • differentiating between "b, d, p, or q."

  • poor sight vocabulary

  • reading charts, maps, & diagrams

  • inconsistent symbol reversals & transposing numbers or letters

  • losing place on a page

  • finding what is being looked for

  • attending to a task

  • remembering left & right

  • math computations if more than one digit

  • forgets where to start reading

If you find that you're child is having trouble with more than one of these indicators on a regular basis, then feel free to call Circle Creek Therapy at 253. 237.3405 for assistance.

We would be happy to schedule you for a free consultation!

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