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What should my baby be able to do? Month 12

Month 12 marks the last post of the "What should my babe be able to do series"! We hope that you found this developmental series helpful and/or enjoyable :)

What to expect from your 12 month old:

Please note, this list is not comprehensive

  • Your one year old can walk while you are holding one of their hands

  • He or she may stand alone, and they will attempt to take their first steps

  • They can sit down from a standing position without help, and/or without falling

  • Your child can turn pages in a book

  • He or she may crawl to move quickly

Ideas for playing with your 12 month old:

  • You can practice walking to toys of interest with limited hand support

  • You can blow bubbles in various positions while they try to pop them

  • You and your baby can crawl through tunnels/obstacle courses

  • As always, you can go to the park and/or play outside

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s gross motor development, please call 253.237.3405 for an evaluation

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