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The SLP, TBI, and Stroke - Part 2

We have talked about what a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is, how it can be caused, and some of the effects on the brain as they relate to speech and language. Let’s talk more about how the therapists at Circle Creek Therapy are trained to provide treatment for someone who has experienced a TBI.

  • Speech and language: Your speech may be hard to understand after the injury due to weak muscles or trouble controlling your muscles. It may be difficult to understand what others say to you and what you read, write, or spell. You may also have trouble with finding the right words to express yourself.

  • Social communication: You may not be able to understand nonverbal cues or jokes like you did before your accident. The therapists can help you with the “rules” we follow when we talk with others.

  • Thinking skills: Attention, memory, and problem-solving may be tricky for you following your injury. An SLP can support you as you as you rebuild your cognitive abilities.

  • Swallowing problems: You may have trouble chewing, or you experience coughing and choking with you eat. This is called dysphagia.

If you have had a stroke or other brain injury, or know someone who has, please call and set up a consultation at 253.237.3405. Remember, we new also provide physical and occupational therapy. One stop shopping. :)

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