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The SLP, TBI, and Stroke - Part 1

A traumatic brain injury or TBI, is a brain injury caused by sudden damage to the brain. Brain injuries can be the result of a stroke or sports/military- related injuries. A TBI can cause speech, language, and cognitive problems. Deficits in these areas create unique challenges for patients returning to the community and/or work environment following injury. You may notice challenges with social language, attention and memory that may negatively impact your interactions at work, school and with friends and family.

Speech-language pathologists can help. Our SLPs at Circle Creek Therapy will assess your speech, language and thinking skills, and how deficits in these areas may affect your communication. The SLP can also evaluate your social skills and see how aware you are of the problems you have. During therapy, the SLP can provide and train rehabilitation strategies to minimize the impact of those deficits in functional settings. Stay tuned for our next post for more information about the treatment for patients with TBI.

If you have had a stroke or know someone who has, please call and set up a free consultation at 253.237.3405. Remember, we new also provide physical and occupational therapy. One stop shopping. :)

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