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What should my baby be able to do? Month 3

What skills develop during your baby’s third month?

These are general abilities you should expect to see, the list is not comprehensive

  • You little one should hold their head up when sitting (less bobbing forward)

  • During tummy time, he/she can raise head between 45-90 degrees

  • Weight bears on forearms

  • Starts to partially weight bear on legs when held in standing

  • “Talks” when spoken too

  • Brings hand/blankets to mouth

How to actively play with your three month old:

  • Let your little one see him/herself in the mirror

  • Let him/her explore and look at everything

  • Play peek-a-boo

  • Show your little one different colored toys or toys that play music

If you are concerned about your child’s gross motor development, please call 253.237.3405 for an evaluation.

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