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2nd month physical milestones

What skills develop during your baby’s second month?

Again, these are general abilities you should expect to see, the list is not comprehensive

  • Lifts head almost 45 degrees while laying on stomach

  • Head bobs forward when held in a sitting position

  • Grasp reflex starts to diminish

  • Brings head and mouth to hands to self-calm

  • Follows dangling objects

  • Cries distinctively when hungry, tired, or wet, etc

  • Able to kick legs

  • Able to lift head and briefly hold it.

How to actively play with your two month old:

  • Wiggle toys/rattles in front of baby, let baby hold the toy

  • Show your baby toys with lights

  • Have them play on a toy mat or look up at mobile

  • Increase Tummy Time tolerance

  • Bicycle kicks with legs

  • Sing and talk to your baby

  • Read to your baby

If you are concerned about your child’s gross motor development, please call 253.237.3405 for an evaluation.

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