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Physical developmental milestones

Circle Creek Therapy has recently added Physical Therapy to our service line, and we will be highlighting more physical therapy information in the new few weeks.

These are general abilities you should expect during the first month (This lists is not comprehensive.):

· Can lift head briefly

· Turns head side to side while on back

· Strong grasp around your finger

· Looks and follows objects moving in front of them

· Baby extends legs while putting weight through feet

· Baby kicks with reciprocal patterns

Ways to play with your newborn thru the first month

· Play with baby’s legs moving them back and forth similar to a bicycle

· Talk to your baby

· Use toys of interest (light, music, rattles), babies can see 8-12 feet.

· Tummy time – very brief periods of time as tolerated by your baby

If you’re concerned about your child’s gross motor development, please call and set up a free consultation at 253.237.3405.

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