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What is apraxia of speech?

Is your child hard to understand? This is not only frustrating for you as parents, but this is also very overwhelming for your child. Can you imagine knowing exactly what you want to say, but then going to move your mouth, only to have the sounds not come out the way you want? This is what a child with apraxia faces every day, and with almost every word. These children do not struggle with muscle weakness, but instead their ability to get messages from their brain to their mouth in order to execute the movements needed to produce speech. This is especially cumbersome when words become longer, and when the child is asked to imitate what others say.

Childhood apraxia of speech may differ from developmental speech sounds disorders in that a child’s prosody will likely sound flat, and they may have inconsistent errors on both consonants and vowels, which do not follow a typical developmental pattern.

If you suspect your child may have childhood apraxia of speech, speech therapy can provide support for you and your family. Not only can Circle Creek Therapy offer support to your child, but we can offer support to your family in order to facilitate effective communication, and help prevent additional frustration.

Apraxia can also present globally. Our physical therapist can screen your child for motor concerns as well. Give us a call to set up your appointment (253.237.3405)!

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