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Our Occupational Therapists work with many patients who all have different kinds of skills, or need help acquiring new ones. 

One of the skills that our OTs help with is Form Constancy. An individual who has a hard time with Form Constancy might not be able to copy phra...

Figure Ground is the skill that allows you to see and find certain objects or shapes in a busy or disorganized setting. Children who have difficulty in this area will have a hard time concentrating if there is too much content on a page, or if their environment is over...

You're probably thinking, how could a speech therapist possibly use a sucker to help benefit their patient? Sure they taste great, but how beneficial could they really be? 

There are a lot of kids that come into Circle Creek Therapy that have trouble pronouncing certain...

A couple of months ago, we touched on what visual discrimination is. Just as a reminder, visual discrimination is the ability to see differences between objects or symbols. Some examples include seeing differences in color, shape, size, and orientation of any type of o...

Dear Mother,

I don’t just see your child at speech therapy. I see you.

I see you. I see you smile wearily as you bring your child to yet another appointment. I see the love sparkle in your eye when you look at them; eyes full of concern, pride, and endless support. I see...

May 6, 2019

Imagine my friend, let’s call her Margot, is eating a chicken Caesar salad at her favorite restaurant. Margot is a beautiful, smart, fashionable, and lovely young woman who just so happens to be in love with food (especially a good salad).

The restaurant is slammed, but...

Shelley Lemieux goes to Circle Creek Therapy for speech, occupational, and physical therapy because she has MS. MS stands for "multiple sclerosis", & it is a chronic disease that attacks your central nervous system. Individuals with MS will experience symptoms such as...

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